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The Temple Trager Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) is a Liberal Jewish Preschool. It presents a broad-based curriculum within the context of moral and ethical values. Our students study the Jewish holidays as they arise throughout the year. At the Temple Trager ECEC, we learn about their Biblical and historical basis as well as the songs, foods, symbols and games associated with each.​

Every Friday one child in each class, age 2 and older, takes home a Shabbat Bag to enjoy with his/her family.  Your family can use and enjoy the Shabbat Bag in any way you choose.  The Shabbat Bag includes a book, a CD, a wine (juice) cup, candles, challah, and Shabbat activities.

While we welcome students from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds, we neither teach nor observe holidays of other religions. All families are encouraged to share their ethnic heritage as a positive enhancement to our program. At the Temple Trager ECEC, we try to make all of our students comfortable and knowledgeable about the Jewish faith as a valued part of the patchwork of religious and cultural diversity that makes our common nation great.




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