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Enrichment Programs

Music:​  Ms. Nicole will be our music teacher. Children attend weekly music classes.  Music is an integral part of our daily activities.  When children are in music class we provide opportunities for singing, responding physically to different rhythms, creative expression, playing instruments and quiet listening.  The children are introduced to music and songs about the Jewish holidays.  The program focuses on seasonal and holiday songs, nursery rhymes, and songs about safety, health and making friends.  The children learn about the world around them through music. 

Creative Movement:​  Every week students spend time "moving and grooving" with  Ms. Erin. During movement we work to enhance and build children's gross and fine motor skills, as well as movement vocabulary.  We use a variety of music from classical, rock and roll, folk and children's fun songs, as well as incorporating all of the old dance favorites.  We also work with many manipulatives such as:  hoola hoops, balls, rhythm sticks and parachutes to build individual, small and large group eye-hand coordination skills and promote team work. 

Science:​  Our Science Program involves hands on science activities for the children  in our 2's -Kindergarten classes in the areas of matter, sound, air, electricity, machines, magnetism and chemistry.  Ms. Nicole hopes to instill a love of science in all children. 


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