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Our Philosophy

Believing in the development of the whole child, the process of the mind as well as the foundations of personality and character, The Temple Trager ECEC fosters a learning environment that encourages intellectual, social-emotional, spiritual and physical experiences for the preschool child.

The daily curriculum is based on the idea that the child learns through exploration and experimentation and with creative guidance the child begins to understand his/her importance in the world.  No single educational approach meets all the needs of each individual student. Therefore an eclectic and individualized curriculum is maintained. Each teaching strategy encompasses five, important criteria for the development of a child:

1. Fostering a positive self-image
2. Promoting decision making and self-direction in learning
3. Allowing for growth of social skills and facilitating social interaction
4. Allowing for flexibility to meet special individual needs
5. Providing a warm, non-critical, nurturing environment

The curriculum provides the development of basic skills and the foundation for academic skills required for success in school.


The Temple Trager Infant and Toddler Program encourages children to explore their environment to help promote cognitive, physical, social-emotional and language development.  Children will enjoy a stimulating environment that will build confidence and security, while motor and cognitive skills are obtained.  Each classroom will have educational materials to encourage a child's natural curiosity.  Teachers will encourage children to explore and experiment with new materials.  Classrooms will provide areas for movement, play, sleeping and eating.  In our youngest classrooms, teachers will work with families to develop an individualized schedule for feeding and naps.

Our Infant and Toddler Classrooms feature: 

*Safe, Caring,  Nurturing Environment

*Low Student-Teacher Ratios

*Ongoing Communication Between Parent and Teacher

*Classroom Environment That Encourages Cognitive and Motor Skills

*Classroom Materials That Allow Children to Explore and Discover

*Supporting Each Individual Child's Development


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